Business Transformation and Return of Investment

Return on Investment

Businesses have been bragging about this buzz word since quite some time now. If we see, it has been very imperative especially in the current testing times. Current Pandemic has made the business’s made a re-look at their Business strategies and all Capital / Operating Expenditure have been scrutinized and pursuit to optimize it further has been the main target.

Impact: Business Strategy with Financial outcomes has put the “nice to have’s” on a standstill and every smallest decision is being valued towards its outcome and Return on Investment which was not the case earlier.

Although, we all see that it’s a great opportunity for organizations to up their ante on Digital Transformation, but at the same time there are still some companies, who are yet to pass their journey of strengthening their Core Business with IT Digitalization.

How do we see IT Departments Transforming the Business?

This has led to CIO not only perform towards current Business sustainability but also making their IT Spend count for future readiness which brings in a lot of uncertainty.

We at Granuler, based on our past experience worked in large scale ERP Transformations, bring out a simple strategy where ROI can be measured and KPI’s can be defined.

  • Initiate and Understand – Bring Business Leads onboard and initiate the dialogue on current Business Process Opportunities where IT can play a role in Optimizing the overall process.
  • Identify and Confirm – Identify key business areas where Time / Cost / Effort can be optimized and set targets.
  • Quantification – Track and measure the identified KPI’s and opportunities identified earlier. Bring about an overall change.
  • Change Management - Bring Change Agents onboard and provide necessary insights into the Business Process changes.
  • At the start of any Transformation Project, it is very important to identify a Quantified $$$ Value (at a every Business process level) which enables and drives the IT strategy roadmap for the organization. Necessary IT Budgets are aligned with the Business Strategies defined.

    This can be a good start for any organization to begin their journey of IT Transformation, where IT can be a partner to Business and not just a support unit within the organization.

    Business Transformation is usually is a journey which needs to have a vision but adding the necessary Cost / Time and Effort ($$$) helps making the initial strides. IT can play a major role in this journey!

    About us:

    We at Granuler provide services for organizations – CIO as a Service, Third Party Advisory and provide guidance to many organizations who are willing to transform their IT aligning to future Business needs. Granuler can provide its expertise on execution of large-scale ERP Projects and Digitization and Digitalization opportunities. Also enable optimization of resources for future.



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