About Us

We are experts in the IT industry who have been part of complex IT Transformation Journey in the past. Post analysis and experience we have realized the need for a niche consulting team, which can only focus on key aspects of IT strategy for any organization, which can align with the Business KPI’s.

As an IT department in any organization, it is always challenging to meet and align the Business needs. The ever-changing variables and dynamics of the Business keeps IT in a fix due to lack of IT Strategy and a clear IT Roadmap.

Large organizations understand this gap and invest in a Full time hired CIO / IT Head to cater to Business needs. However, low and mid-sized companies being cost conscious have a long way to go.

We at Granuler have designed a framework, which provides CIO Insights to the low and mid-sized organizations. The Partnership model with these organizations on a need basis would surely help design a IT Strategy and support the critical project execution.

We have also identified a list of Service offerings, which would complement the CIO Insights and help these organizations take the Long jump, thereby aligning their activities with Business KPI’s. Our Third Party IT advisor (TPA) will play a key role in providing you the necessary IT insights and bring vast industry experience benefitting your organizational needs.

Granuler offers its services to clients to implement Large scale ERP Projects. We have ERP Service Delivery capability. Our ERP Experts ensure there is alignment to the Business requirements.

We also provide ERP Program Management Experts for clients who need support for their critical projects. Our ERP Program Management Experts have the necessary skills to ensure projects are delivered timely with savings for the Business’s. Small and Medium sized business’s gain benefits from ERP Service Delivery in Mumbai.

Our Key Focus Areas Include

  • CIO as a Service
  • IT Strategy and Roadmap
  • IT Governance & Risk Compliance
  • IT Due Diligence M&A
  • IT Transformation
  • IT Partnership
  • IT Delivery
  • IT ERP Identification
  • IT Strategy
  • SAP ERP Implementation Strategy
  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • IT Digital Transformation Consulting
  • ROI Based IT Delivery
  • Risk Assessment Activities
  • Ongoing Coaching and Mentoring
  • Contract Planning and Negotiation
  • Vendor Sourcing and Procurement

Our Partner

Granuler partners with the QMS tool - Intellect. A tool which provides all the necessary funcitonality pre-configured for Pharma Quality Managment System.


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