CIO As A Service

We offer CIO as a service, CIO consulting services, interim CIO consultant, hiring a CIO consultant services and CIO consultant for small and mid sized companies with professional services and technical supports.

We are a team of experts who have immense experience in managing IT and working with large organizations as CIO / IT Head. The challenges in day-to-day operations and evolvement of IT as per the vision of the management within the organization has its own set of hurdles. Large companies appoint a Chief Information Officer to cater to these challenges and design the future IT strategy road map.

However, in case of small to mid-size companies it is a difficult decision to make considering the financial commitments around appointing a full time CIO or inviting an IT Strategy Consulting firm.

Looking at this, we have added CIO as a service offering, whereby we offer a CIO consultant who works as a partner with the client to guide and consult to build an IT Strategy Roadmap of the organization.

In a usual scenario, the IT team in an organization focusses its resources to ensure smooth running of IT operations and short-term solutions, which are scalable for a period of 1-2 years. We aspire to support these companies who visualize a growth of five-ten times in near future by helping them to design a scalable and robust IT strategy road map, which aligns with the growth plans and vision of the organization.

This includes study and findings on:

  • Infrastructure scalability
  • Robust ERP Solution
  • Automation Journey
  • Digitalization & Digitization
  • Newer Technology platforms

We have designed a framework – "CIO Insights", which brings value to the CIO function in 5 phases. Our end goal for any organization is to achieve alignment with Business.

cio as a service

Our experts are experienced in the industry with 15-20 years. Multi-domain, Multi-functionality. Formulating RFP’s for Software / Hardware and executing Business Transformation Projects.
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