Frequently Asked Questions

We offer varied services which can benefit your organization.

Internal IT team management:

Based on experience, it is observed, the internal IT resources do carry the capability on domain of the Business but at times lack the expertise in trending technologies. Even basics like identifying or finalizing key vendors or methodologies to implement the project. People Management and Change Management also carry high importance when complex Projects are to be successfully implemented. Overall we help the management on a training plan for the internal IT team and enhance the productivity / quality of the deliverable.


Our pricing models cater to Full and Partial support. This provides the organization with controlling their operational expenditure.

We work with the IT Leadership team at your end to identify the key business KPI’s and ensure these are tracked over a period of time. These metrics enable the IT as well as Business teams to track the ROI for the Capital expenditure.

Program / Project Management are key areas where the project quality is derived. We provide guidance for enhancing the overall IT delivery. These can be Full / Partial in nature, depending on the project requirements.

Our team offers the option of face to face interactions at client’s site based on complexity of the project. We specialize in full / partial services benefitting our customers and helping them with their operational cost spent on resources.

Yes, we can come to your site and study the methodology and the quality of deliverable in current state. Provide a detailed report which includes:

  • Good practices followed
  • Suggested Improvements
  • Quality of implementation
  • Any serious alerts observed
  • Project risks and mitigations if any


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